10 Super Easy Steps to the Perfect Kids Party

Have you got a kids party coming up? Wondering what you need to do to make sure the special day goes off without a hitch and a great time is had by everyone. Then this step-by-step list makes for essential reading!

Make sure all best friends are invited

One of the most important aspects of your child’s party is that those one or two special friends are in attendance. So make sure you communicate with the parents of these children and make sure they are all available for the date you have planned. You may even wish to hand-deliver their invitations to make sure they arrive on the day and that there are no unfortunate miscommunications about the right day and time.

Make sure the birthday boy or girl is involved in the planning

Although this is of course not appropriate for very young children, it’s a great approach to take with older children so that you can make sure that they get exactly what they envision on their special day. Start by asking your child what they would like in terms of food, theme, venue, decoration, guests, music, games and the like. Once a complete list of wants has been compiled, then works with your child to pare the list down to a reasonable set of requirements that fit within the budget you have available. In this way, your child will not encounter anything unexpected to lacking on the day in terms of their expectations.

Allocate sufficient time to plan, and plan early

Every parent has been to, or at least heard of, a child’s party that has not gone very well due to a lack of planning on the parent’s part. Don’t let this happen to you because your child may remember their disappointment forever, bringing it up every time they visit you as adults for Sunday dinner. So plan thoroughly and plan early. This is absolutely the best defence against disappointment. This includes food, drink, games, party venue bookings, pick and drop-off times, ordering the birthday cake, creating a guest list, sending invitations and tracking RSVP’s.

Of these, here are some specific tips about some of the most important aspects of your child’s party that you should attend to thoroughly…

Managing the Guest list

  • Be sure to keep very good track of all children who have been invited to the party, and those who have RSVP’d.
  • Keep track of any special request that must be attended to as a matter of priority such as being careful with children who have food allergies of specific dietary requirements.
  • Keep the guest list manageable. Children will often wish to invite every child they have ever known; especially when it is the first time they have been involved in the invitation process.
  • There is a general rule-of-thumb that the number of children invited to a party should be the age of your child plus one
  • If you are planning any sort of party game that involves teams, make sure you invite an even number of children so no one is left out.

Managing the Invitations

  • Be sure to order personalised invitations at least six weeks before your child’s birthday party. Then be sure to send these invitations out at least three weeks ahead of time.
  • Many venues provide invitations so make sure to ask if you’re holding the party away from home.

Managing the Timing Aspects

  • As a rule, weekend parties are better for younger children so that mothers and fathers can attend and help with supervision.
  • If serving a meal of any kind, be sure to start the party at least an hour before serving so that the kids can run around and get all the energy out of their system before being asked to sit down and eat. It’s also a great way for them to work up an appetite


  • Home parties can be less expensive than hired venues and you are free to hold the party at whatever time suits your family and guests.
  • However, when you hire a venue that specialises in kids parties, then all the hassle of organising the occasion is taken care of for you, and for many parents, more than justifies any extra expenses that may apply.


  • If you want to serve a small meal, just stick to the party foods that kids are most fond of. Familiar snacks like pizza, party pies, sausage rolls and quartered sandwiches work well
  • If parents are dropping off children at the party, be sure you know about any food allergies. It’s best to avoid anything with nuts (including peanut butter sandwiches) because so many children are allergic to them.


  • Sometimes simple, well-known party games work best for younger children. Pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs are exciting for four-year olds.
  • Six year olds may like more challenging games like Treasure hunt or piñata. Older children will be ready for simple crafts like making ribbon wands or making party poppers.

Present opening

  • Do you or don’t you open presents with your party guests? Opening presents after everyone has gone home is much less stressful and you are less likely to lose bits and pieces if you are around to supervise.
  • It is also a wonderful way to end a day that may well have been filled with both laughter and tears. If you open presents after everyone has left, it’s nice to send thank you notes.

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